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Home Compass

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Overview:It's a compass for going home (or refuge) at disaster outbreak.When transportation is paralyzed and a network can't be used, this application is useful.(Also, it can be measured by the network)As a precaution, please register refuge place at the work or traveling.You will be led to the refuge place.A characteristic:・This software determines current position only in a GPS satellite and is not affected by the network obstacle.・A flashlight and an SOS light function are attached.・It is registrable up to 99 targets.・A current location can be set as a target.・The change of the font size is possible.・The change to a simple screen is possible.・When target is far, this software reduces frequency of the pinpointing of the GPS and holds down consumption electricity.
Recommend to:・I live in the country which is vulnerable to a network disorder.・I drink too much. A taxi is not caught or there is not money.・I like to be wandering, but lose the way home.・I hate to look at a map while walking.・I want to save a communication fee.
How to use:1.Please push the "Map" button.2.Please move a map to home, and please enlarge a map.3.Please push and hold the place for a few seconds if home is found.4.Setting is completed when push the "Set" button.5.Please keep a screen levelly.
Attention:・At the time of place input, network connection is necessary.・The pinpointing of the GPS has an error.・Because consumption of the electricity is intense as for the GPS pinpointing, please do not display compasses for a long time.・This software may not work with the some models.